Why a Nature Center

Managed access to a prime birding and wildlife habitat enhances our community’s quality of life. A remarkable 220 bird species now use the 360+ acre Celery Fields, which provides a protected habitat within a corridor of increasing urbanization.

The Celery Fields is one of the premier birding sites in Florida. Protecting and restoring the Celery Fields is a goal of the County; Sarasota Audubon’s Nature Center will link our community to the land and its treasures. Educating our youth and the community at large about Florida’s natural habitats in the great outdoors is critical for planting the seeds for long-term sustainability. Sarasota Audubon’s Nature Center will support hands-on activities related to resource and wildlife conservation, natural history, and ecosystem management for both children and adults. Future plans call for development of more children’s programs, including Junior Naturalist.