DonateWhy Your Donation Is Needed

Sarasota Audubon Society is an extremely active chapter of National Audubon. With close to 1,400 members, we are able to help birds and wildlife thrive in Sarasota County. Here are some of our conservation and education efforts worthy of your support.

The Celery Fields

Ever since Sarasota County purchased 360 acres of land east of I-75 near Fruitville Road, and gouged out ponds and streams, birds have flocked to the area. Recognizing the Celery Fields as an integral foraging and breeding site for many species of birds (think of the Fields as a cafeteria for birds that breed in the intracoastal and for gulls that spend their nights at sea), Audubon embarked upon a plan to ensure that this area would be free of development, and maintained for many different kinds of wildlife. A remarkable 218 species of birds have been recorded there since 2000 and the Fields teem with butterflies, dragonflies, rodents, fish, mammals, and reptiles. What a treasure so close to an urban area for all to enjoy!

Building a NATURE CENTER at the Celery Fields has three main goals

• To provide more environmental programming, especially for children
• As stewards in place at the Fields, we can ensure that the area is managed for birds and wildlife
• The Nature Center will also act as a drop in center for eco-tourism visitors to beautiful Sarasota County

If you’d like to help us build our Nature Center
Click On CELERY FIELDS NATURE CENTER from the drop down menu.

Protecting Our Beach Nesting Birds

2014: With another successful year of beach nesting bird protection, 6 Snowy Plovers, 83 Black Skimmers, and 12 Least Terns managed to get to fledgling stage. These imperiled species live on our beaches and lay their eggs right on the sand underneath our feet. These chicks would not have made it without the help of more than 50 volunteers. And, at our May meeting, we honored the Chick Check Team, a group of core volunteers who monitored nest sites each and every day, April through August during 2010 and re-upped for 2011. What dedication!

If you’d like to help us help these imperiled species,
Click On BEACH NESTING BIRD PROGRAM from the drop down menu.



Many thanks for considering a donation. For any other questions about our conservation and education efforts, contact Jeanne Dubi, President, Sarasota Audubon Society at

Sarasota Audubon is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A copy of the official registration of the Sarasota Audubon Society (CH29580) and its financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800) 432-7352 within the State of Florida. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state. 100% of donations go to the organization.