Swallow-tailed Kite (Elanoides forficatus)

There's hardly a more beautiful or majestic sight in early spring than the sight of a Swallow-tailed Kite soaring aloft in the blue skies of Florida. This bird, largest of the five species  of kite … [Read more...]


Purple and Common Gallinules This year has seen an unprecedented number of visitors to the two boardwalks at the Celery Fields.  One of the stars of the show, and a symbol of the success of the … [Read more...]

Audubon Nature Center Rising at the Celery Fields

Center now under construction will serve community and eco-tourists. By Lucy Beebe Tobias. It is real.  It is happening. Ten years ago Sarasota Audubon asked Sarasota County for a lease on 1 acre … [Read more...]

Amendment 1 – APPROVED!!

http://fl.audubonaction.org/site/MessageViewer?dlv_id=59421&em_id=47741.0&pgwrap=n … [Read more...]


RED-NECKED PHALAROPE During September there was a lot of activity at the tidal pool at Siesta Key, where rain and strong winds ensured the pool was always full of waders and other shore birds. … [Read more...]

Informational Beach Walk

It’s tricky being a Snowy Plover on Siesta Key. From March through August you have to build your nest, lay your eggs and raise your young. While hundreds of people are walking the beach, kids are … [Read more...]

In the News – Celery Fields a Big Draw for Birds and Birders

By ERIC ERNST eric.ernst@heraldtribune.com In the field, when they are not peering through binoculars or checking off their life lists, avid birders often compare notes to learn what the hot … [Read more...]

Interview with Jeanne Dubi and Darryl Saffer at The Celery Fields

Jeanne Dubi interview with Darryl Saffer  … [Read more...]

Give beach-nesting birds a chance

Beach-nesting birds nowadays have a difficult time finding quiet breeding grounds. This animation shows why quietness is so important and how we can help beach-nesting birds. BirdLife … [Read more...]

Another visitor decides to call the Key home…

A banded snowy plover that first was spotted Feb. 1 on Siesta Key apparently liked the beach so much that it has decided to Read more...   … [Read more...]