Sarasota Audubon Society Board of Directors Letter

News | October 6, 2021

Join us in re-wilding the Quad Parcels!

With the approval from the Board of County Commissioners of Sarasota County on October 6, the 33 acres known as the Quad Parcels (at the corners of Palmer Blvd and Apex/Coburn Roads) at the Celery Fields became protected forever as a Conservation Easement. They will be stewarded by Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast.

Commissioners approved Sarasota Audubon’s Management Plan which will create habitat for the benefit of birds and wildlife, for improved water quality downstream and for the public to visit and enjoy.

The wildlife habitat creation will in effect extend the Celery Fields, creating an important buffer zone for birds and wildlife to thrive, while enlarging habitat.

 We are excited to be partnering with Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast in a joint fundraising campaign to rewild our community’s newly acquired habitat and its maintenance. We will be launching the public campaign together upon completion of the restoration design.

Here is a golden opportunity to help the environment. Please donate today to the SAS Quad Fund. Any amount you give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your past, present, and future support.

Board of Directors, Sarasota Audubon Society