Birds of Sarasota County

In Sarasota County, more than 320 bird species have been recorded: 280 or so regularly occurring and over 40 rarities and feral species. You can download and print a copy of Checklist of Birds of Sarasota County.

Safeguarding and studying birds in every part of the United States protects our wildlife and resources. Sarasota Audubon Society is involved in several citizen science projects, providing vital information on local birds to national databases. Our children’s programs provide environmental education to the stewards of tomorrow.

It’s fascinating to watch a Green Heron stalk its prey, or to study the difference between male and female Eastern Bluebirds, or to watch a Bald Eagle, viewed universally as the king of birds, a representation of royalty, strength, victory and pride.

For information on identifying a bird, post a photo on our Facebook page and we’ll help you!

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