Zoom Information for SAS Members

Because of the unprecedented times we are experiencing, it is deemed unsafe by the CDC to have in-person meetings as we have in the past. To that end, we have spent the summer preparing for virtual Zoom meetings for the fall. Below are notes to help you make the transition to Zoom.

This service is being provided free to Sarasota Audubon by Mike Dubi’s online company. The cost for zoom meetings, that will accommodate up to 500 members, is saving Sarasota Audubon over $75/month in zoom fees.

Create your own account To sign up for your own free account, visit zoom.us/signup and enter your email address. (You may be asked for your birthdate, please enter if so. They do not store this information) You will receive an email from Zoom (no-reply@zoom.us). In this email, click Activate Account. That’s all there is to it! You are ready to zoom.

  1. Join a meeting There are many ways to join a webinar, but the easiest way is to click the join link that the meeting host (Sarasota Audubon) has e-mailed. Simply go to the invitation and click the link.
  1. Webinar details: In a webinar you will not be seen or heard by others. The only people you will see will be the “panel” leading the meeting and the speakers. You will be able to type in the Chat box and the Q&A box located at the bottom of your Zoom window.
  1. Meeting time Traditionally our meetings began on the 2nd Monday of the month with a social hour at 6:30pm. Sadly, the zoom platform is not an easy place to socialize. The host will let you into the meeting starting at 10 minutes before 7pm. The business meeting will begin about 2 minutes after 7pm to allow time for many to join. Depending on the amount of business, the speaker will start at 7:15-7:30pm.
  1. Q&A after Speaker There is a “Q&A box” at the bottom of the screen that you can open to pose a question. Your meeting host will moderate that question and answer period (Q & A) after the talk is concluded and the speaker will answer questions pose.
    1. To ask a question Type your question into the Q&A box. Click Send.
      Note: Check Send Anonymously if you do not want your name attached to your question in the Q&A