Celery Fields Explorers Program

About the Celery Fields Explorers Program

In January 2013, we launched our Celery Fields Explorers program for Sarasota County schoolchildren.  Each year, we provide education and transportation for schoolchildren who came to the Fields for environmental education.

With the continued support of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation and from the Natural Heritage Fund, as well as from our dedicated members, we have been able to continue and grow this popular educational experience. During its first 6 years of operation, the program has introduced over 5,000 Sarasota County schoolchildren to the environment of the Celery Fields. Thanks to all of our funding partners, we envision no end to this crucially important program. Operated by Around the Bend Nature Tours, the program is standards based and fun too!

Read about a day at the Celery Fields Explorers Program.  Observations by Betty Matthews, Sara King and 5th grade students at Pine View School.