Jeanne Dubi Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Funds | May 24, 2023

The Jeanne Dubi Scholarship Fund

The president of the Sarasota Audubon chapter has received the Charles H. Callison Award from the National Audubon Society for her commitment to birds and habitat conservation.

Jeanne Dubi has been a leader at the Sarasota Audubon for decades and has played a key role in turning the Celery Fields, a regional stormwater treatment facility, into the wildlife habitat it is today. That effort included fundraising and overseeing the construction of a new Audubon nature center.

Dubi, along with the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, persuaded Sarasota County to give Sarasota Audubon the right to manage 27 acres adjacent to the Celery Fields, which also will be a newly created wildlife habitat.

“Jeanne is a truly extraordinary individual,” said Jacqui Sulek, chapters conservation manager for Audubon Florida. “Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine Sarasota County without the ‘Celery Fields.’ What was once an actual celery field is now a refuge for both resident and migrating birds, an outdoor classroom, and an economic driver for the community. And while this would be enough ‘legacy’ for some, Jeanne continues to take another and then another step forward to continue to build this space where birds and people thrive.”

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