Monthly Meeting Speakers Fall 2021 – Spring 2022

Meetings are free and open to the public.  The meetings are held at the First Congregational Church Fellowship Hall, 1031 Euclid Ave, Sarasota.  Social Period at 6:30, Business Meeting at 7:00 pm, and Program at 7:30.   *See exceptions below

October 11 –  Tammy & David McQuade’s Birding Alaska Tammy and David are Florida-based national champion birders who among many other things run the SW Florida Bird Alert Facebook group and serve the American Birding Association – David on the board, Tammy on committees.  *Meeting is via Zoom Only.  Click here to view the meeting

November 8 – Florida Soils Sustain Ecosystems Stephen M. Suau, PE, Sarasota professional water engineer and principal of Progressive Water Resources, LLC.  As we have been extracting Carbon from the earth and put it into the atmosphere as CO2, we also are removing Nitrogen from the atmosphere and putting it in excess amount in the Earth’s soils and waters in the form of chemical fertilizer. Mr. Suau, a watershed manager, will discuss how we might reverse both of these trends through a better understanding of nature’s time-tested ways of processing nitrogen and sequestering carbon using local examples.   *Meeting is via Zoom Only.    Click here to view the meeting

December 13 – Ambition, Naivety, and Insanity: A Florida Big Year. In 2020,  Tallahassee-based naturalists and birders Natasza Fontaine & Robert Gundy worked together to break the Florida Big Year record, set at 387 species just the year before.
*Meeting is via Zoom Only.    Click here to view the meeting.

January 10 – Ivory-billed Woodpecker as Trickster.  Dr. J. Christopher Haney, biologist, conservation scientist, birder, and author of “Woody’s Last Laugh”, will explore the simmering controversy about the supposed ‘extinction’ of this iconic American woodpecker.
*Meeting is via Zoom Only.   Click here to view the meeting.  Program Slides – Click here

The following meetings will be held at the First Congregational Church Fellowship Hall, 1031 Euclid Ave, Sarasota
The February Meeting may be a hybrid – both in person and Zoom. Please check this page for details as we get closer to the February date.

February 14 – Scott Weidensaul & His Best-selling A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds  Ornithologist, active field researcher and well-known writer-naturalist, Mr. Weidensaul will speak about his latest book which the New York Times called “An epic reflection on what we’re learning about the greatest natural phenomenon on the planet — and what we must do to preserve it.”

March 14 – The Colors of Spring.  World-renowned wildlife biologist and ornithologist Dr. Jerry Jackson will speak on the greater diversity of bird plumages we see in spring.  Professor emeritus of Ecological Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University and professor emeritus at Mississippi State University; he has hosted “With the Wild Things”, a daily public radio feature in southwest Florida for the past 17 years.

April 11 – Surprising insights about the movements of South American Snail Kites.  Field ornithologist raised in North and South America and the University of Florida Ph.D. Alex E. Jahn will speak about his ground-breaking studies tracking Snail Kites using transmitters.  Program Presenter via zoom

May 9 – The Latest on the Everglades and Big Cypress South Florida Ecosystem.  Melissa E. Abdo, Ph.D., forest ecologist, botanist, lifelong conservationist, and Regional Director, Sun Coast National Parks Conservation Association based in Miami.  Program Presenter via zoom